Middle Credit Score® can connect you with a Real Estate affiliate that will help you find a property.

Connect with the ideal Real Estate Professional within your desired area. Regarding your real estate needs, Middle Credit Score® will refer you to a realtor affiliate during the restoration process.  Click the “Start Here” to begin your home ownership journey.   

Middle Credit Score® can help withu Real Estate:

Explain your Real Estate Needs

Tell us about your Real Estate needs and the type of property you’re looking for so we are able to connect you with the ideal Realtor affiliate during or after the restoration process. 

We help Identify your Ideal Agent

Middle Credit Score® realtor process can provide a buyer with an expert realtor referral through our extensive network of trusted realtor affiliate professionals in the industry.

Begins with an account

Upon the completion of your credit restoration, if you are without a realtor, our real estate affiliates can help you find the ideal property.  We align you with affiliates that will help you.