Middle Credit Score®
connects you with a
Top Mortgage Specialist.

Like to buy a home right after Credit Restoration?
Middle Credit Score® aligns Loan Officers you can count on.

Why Middle Credit Score®?

Turn lookers into buyers

With Middle Credit Score®, we first ensure your middle score is credit worthy to buy your home then align you with Mortgage Specialist you can count on.  As a FREE service, we connect your unique scenario with a Loan Officer to help you find the ideal loan. 

Get empowered before closing

Middle Credit Score® seamless process allows you to structure your score restoration, timing its completion with our Lender affiliates ability to help secure the ideal loan product. If its a primary home, second home, investment or a commercial property for your business, our affiliates work around your unique scenario.

Solutions Before Financing

Know your Middle Credit Score? Mortgage Specialist base loan approvals around your Middle Credit Score. Always know, the strength of your loan approval is in direct correlation to the strength of your middle credit score. Items like Interest Rates, Lender Fees to points are a reflection of the strength of your Middle Credit Score. 

Middle Credit Score®, your first stop.

It’s important to check your middle credit score before starting the home buying process to ensure you’re financially prepared.

1 Check your Middle Credit Score before applying
2 If needed, Increase your Middle Credit Score prior to buying
3 Top Mortgage Specialist provide better programs and rates
4 Middle Credit Score®, a solution to lower rates and better fees

Affiliate Lender Relationships

Our affiliate lender relationships provide empowered homebuyers with access to a network of trusted mortgage specialist who help guide them through the home loan process.

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Need more answers?

Middle Credit Score® provides resources and solutions to question you have.

Prepare scores at Middle Credit Score®

It’s important to check your credit score before starting the home buying process to ensure you’re financially prepared.