Real Estate Journeys begin with a middle credit score.

You should increase your approval power with Middle Credit Score® 

Why Middle Credit Score®?

Decisions begin with Middle Credit Score

We understand lenders approval power begin with the middle credit score. Knowing this, we position clients to avoid high fees, points and rates by focusing on the middle credit score whenever needed.  We then connect the buyer with a lender affiliate ensuring they receive better pricing during their Real Estate Journey.   

We help the buyer save before & after

Imagine saving the buyer thousands before their told they must pay points while receiving a higher rate due to a lenders guidelines.  Everyday we save buyers thousands, by providing solutions designed to increase their middle credit score, before, during and after the loan approval process. 

We position buyers to win at closing

Our proven process position buyers to win so strategically they avoid the financial pain often paired with lender guidelines and low middle credit scores.  Independent of a Lender or Realtor relationship or with a lasting binding relationship, at Middle Credit Score®, our paramount concern is the buyer and their middle credit score. 

Middle Credit Score®, Game Changers!

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1 Refer a buyer on our Partner Portal, or a buyer joins
2 Middle Credit Score® reviews the buyer's middle credit score
3 We do not approve, we position so buyers win and save
4 Middle Credit Score® then refers to proven lender affiliates

Affiliate Real Estate Associations

We have affiliates relationships with Realtors and Lenders designed to empower buyers so they are able save during their unique transaction.

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