Middle Credit Score, we

usher solutions
hone our skills
provide clarity
make real change

We are Middle Credit Score. We understand that everyone should be able to make credit score decisions with confidence. We are a team of credit score professionals with years of experience, knowledge, passion and expertise to help make credit score decisions logical and straight forward.

Our mission

Provide clarity for all of your credit score goals is our mission.

Our values

Our values shape everything we do. They’re not just words written on a wall, but lived and breathed every day by every team member and affiliate.

Consumer, Company, Team, Self

We lean on each other to succeed. Understanding different viewpoints and celebrating our coworkers’ wins lead to stronger decisions and teams.

Relentless Self-Improvement

We take responsibility for getting better every day. We humbly embrace what we don’t know and aren’t afraid to ask questions.

Open, Candid, and Constructive

We are active participants in every interaction. We share feedback with clarity and receive feedback with courage.

Informed Risk-Taking

We set actionable goals that challenge the status quo, knowing it’s safe to fail so long as we learn along the way.


We ask, “What can I do to improve the results?” and view challenges as opportunities to find the right solution.

Your middle credit score resource