USDA Loans Explained

USDA loan requirements

The USDA believes that helping people in rural areas to own a home will enable them to lead healthier lives. If you want to buy a home but don’t have enough savings for a down payment, or you haven’t qualified for a conventional loan, USDA is ready to help you. 

Although it is designed for rural residents only, 97% of United States land qualifies for USDA location requirements. If your home is not part of the city, you will be included in the USDA-designated location.

But you must first meet the USDA loan requirements. This guide covers USDA loan requirements.

What is a USDA loan?

USDA home loans are generally supported by the Department of Agriculture and offer relatively low-interest rates compared to conventional loans. Unlike a VA loan, a USDA loan does not require a down payment. You can buy your dream home with a 0% down payment.

If you do not qualify for or refuse a conventional loan, you can easily qualify for a USDA loan. The important thing is that this loan is only available for rural and suburban people. USDA Home Loans are designed specifically for low-income people to purchase a home.

Fortunately, 97 per cent of U.S. land is considered rural, so about 80 per cent of the population qualifies for this loan. Only 3 per cent of the city’s area is excluded from this loan program.

Types of USDA home loan

USDA home loan 3 types namely: USDA-guaranteed loans, direct loans, and home improvement loans. However, the most common loans are USDA-guaranteed loans. For borrowers who have very low income and do not qualify for a conventional loan, USDA provides a financial loan with a minimum interest rate of at least 1 per cent. If you have a home and want to repair it, you can apply for a USDA Home Improvement Loan.

The USDA-Guaranteed Loan has a private lender similar to the conventional loan but it is government-backed. This protects the lender from the risk of loss if you fail to repay the loan or default. The USDA promises the lender to repay the loan and protect it from risk. However, you may have to pay mortgage insurance which is very low compared to other loans.

What are the requirements for a USDA loan?

The USDA requires three special requirements. You must buy a house in a specific area and the house must be your primary residence. You must have a stable income and your adjusted gross income should be 115% or less of your area’s income limit.

Finally, you need to have a minimum credit score of 640. If you have less than 640 then you need to meet some requirements. If you offer a small down payment, there will be no complications with the credit score. Also if you meet the first two requirements and you have a bad credit score then you can apply for an FHA loan or USDA direct loan.

You must be a resident of the United States. If you are a non-citizen or hold a green card, you will qualify for a loan. After all, your mortgage payment should be 29 per cent or less of your gross monthly income. In addition, your DTI should be 41% or less of your monthly income.

How to apply for a USDA loan

Proof of your national identity card and income history documents are required when applying for a USDA loan. The lender will also ask for details of your passport or driving license, social security card, two-year tax return and recent pay sub and your recent bank statement.

If you do not have a good credit score, you may need to apply for an unconventional credit card. Also, if you do not have an unexpected income, you will need to provide some additional documents.

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